Major Advance Trading Co.,Ltd.
Established in 1999 is old name “Bankhai Hydraulic (1999) Ltd.,part.”. The first product is hydraulic hose assembled and fitting supply.
Now our products and service is wide range of industrial hose.


Mr. Manat Intao

Chief Executive Manager

Email : manat@majorflex.com

A special word of thanks I have to say, your thoughtful, kind gesture certainly made my day.
Our days tend to be frenetic – always rushing around. Yet you searched till the perfect work you found.
I appreciate, as always, you going the extra mile
unwrapping your work, brightened my day and made me smile
So in my thoughts you will continue to be,
I so appreciate that you took the time to remember us.

Miss Chanuch Saetan


Email : matc2001@gmail.com

We are delighted you have trusted us! Your suggestion is important to ensure our sustained success and growth.We hope that your career here will be a gratifying one. You would get maximum support from the whole of our team and we look forward to having the best relations with you.
I welcome to u on the behalf of Major Flex Co.,Ltd
I hope you will find Majorflex as a cool place to work with. !!
Please let me know in case of any problem.

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Major Advance Trading Co.,Ltd.
Delivery & Service Center is :
258 M.1 Tumbol Bankhai, Amphur Bankhai, Rayong, 21120
Tel. 66-038-642-597-8 Fax. 66-038-642-388
Email : matc2001@gmail.com

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